Spectral Information for Low Frequency Emissions (SILFE - Demonstrator)

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The SILFE online tool aims to provide to researchers in the space physics domain a mean to easily handle dynamic spectra from various origins and to analyze and compare them. As originally part of the SACRED project, the SILFE tool was build from the beginning to include informations from models and simulations. To do so, SILFE uses the an extension of SPASE standard and interface to reference and dialog with compatible simulation databases, and to handle the associated metadata. EPN-TAP and PDS3 interfaces were later added to provide an access to Europlanet and NASA compatible databases.


The Radio Emission Databases Catalog is a catalog referencing the databases which provides publicly available low-frequency radio dynamic spectra which may be of interest for the space physics community. It includes in particular NASA's PDS Planetary Plasma Interaction databases, Europlanet IDIS compatible databases such as the Nançay NDA database, Iitate Observatory radio observations and SACRED simulations.
Important notice: Although all data referenced in REDCat are public, they may be subject to use policies. One should always refer to the information on the data providing database before making use of the referenced data


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