Mesures, Analyses et Simulations des Emissions Radio
Measurement, Analysis and Simulation of the Emissions in the Radio range

Welcome on the MASER Webpage

MASER is a suite of tools and services that allow to access databases of observed and modeled solar system radio emissions, provide tools to analyze them and softwares to model them. The MASER User's Guide is available in PDF version. It currently provides access to

ExPRESS the Exoplanetary and Planetary Radio Emission Simulator (ExPRES), which allows to simulate dynamic spectra of planetary (auroral) radio emissions
SILFE the SILFE tool (Spectral Information from Low Frequency Emissions) which allows to access radio observations and modelings.
Kronos The Cassini/Kronos web page is providing access to Cassini/RPWS data. Access to part of the data is currently restricted, but will be open in the near future.
Kronos The Saturn Periodicities web page is summarizing discussions on Saturn Periodicities topic.
It also hosts tools that can be used through webservices such as the planetary magnetic field models tool, which computes the magnetic field at a given point from published planetary magnetic field models.

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